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Organizing the scraps

It’s been a while since I posted about organizing my fabric, supplies and sewing area. The last time I posted about this was back in 2012 (photos at bottom of the post)! I’m still using the same system of ” bins for everything”. We’ve moved since the last time I did a big sewing area re-org and I have less storage space now due to the lack of a crawlspace. I can only look with extreme envy at all the gorgeous sewing area pins I see on Pinterest. Maybe some day, I can have a dedicated sewing room too! =)

Last week, I finally decided I had to do something about the piles of scraps that have been building up on my sewing table. Scrap management was never much of an issue before I started quilting because anything smaller than 1/4 yard was probably never going to get used in a costume so I tended to just throw the scraps away. But now I find myself saving every tiny scrap because I can actually use it for something!

There’s nothing fancy about my system but it’s been working pretty well. I went to Daiso and bought a bunch of pretty containers. Really small scraps that were likely to be used in projects soon-ish went into bins on the table and pieces that weren’t as likely to get used got rolled up and chucked into the cabinet.

I also went through my fabric bins and cleared out some stuff. My rule is that I’m only allowed to have 4 bins of fabric and everything must fit in there. If I want to buy more fabric, something has to go to make room. It works pretty well at keeping my stash under control. =D

I finally admitted to myself that I was probably never going to use that 4 yards of blue lycra (and really why did I think I needed FOUR yards???) or the sky blue stretch vinyl. I usually donate my fabric to the Resource Area For Teachers so hopefully a teacher will get some use out of it!

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